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about us

generators - construction machines - gardening - fire wood - wood working

Behind our young company (founded in 2008), we have many years of know-how and a carefully selected product range, which is equally aimed at the ambitious gardener, today's DIY craftsmen and also for professional users. We are of course glad to support you in finding the right product for your needs and your budget.

best price performance ratio

Our close cooperation with our production partners, the optimized-efficient processes and our business experience lead to an optimal price-performance ratio for you.

direct delivery to the customer - 1A after sales service - high availability thanks to a large warehouse

…are just some of our strengths with which we distinguish ourselves in the knowledge that more than just good products are needed for a satisfied customer. Our high-quality level of service is therefore taken-for-grantedness.
For questions and advice, please contact us within our business hours by phone, e-mail or face to face in our office.

ZIPPER History

Foundation of ZIPPER Maschinen GmbH based in Schlüsslberg by Klaus Schörgenhuber, Erich Humer, Dipl.Ing. Daniel Schörgenhuber and Gerhard Rad


Firewood processing assortment was launched


Construction of the woodworking assortment


Expansion of the range through a construction program


Expansion of the garden program


Inclusion of power generators


Tire machines and workshop assistants, large wooden splitters came into the existing program


Introduction of our new SAP IT / ERP system


Expansion of the construction machinery range by a mini-dumper range


Retirement of the general manager Klaus Schörgenhuber. Dipl.Ing Daniel Schörgenhuber will manage Zipper together with Erich Humer from now on.

Since October 2017 we have over 4.000 m² of additional storage space in Leipzig/Eisleben, the logistic stronghold of Germany. With this new warehouse we are expanding our supply availability (Holzmann Group now has 12.000 m² of total storage space!) and guarantee faster deliveries to our German customers.


Switching to SAP S/4HANA

After busy months, we are now happy to be able to work with the latest, future-oriented version of SAP (S/4HANA). Based on the in-memory database SAP HANA, the new version enables enormous reaction speeds and business processes in real time. S/4HANA paves the way for the ever-increasing digitalization as well as for innovations that will come in the future.


Expansion of the ZIPPER headquarter in Schlüßlberg (doubled warehouse-capacity, photovoltaic plant with 100KWp + new truck loading/unloading ramps and logistics office)


Erich Humer retires from the management after many years of engagement. Since January, Daniel Schörgenhuber and Gerhard Rad take over the position of CEOs for  ZIPPER Maschinen.

contact persons

Service is important to us and in order you can put forward your concerns quickly and easily, we want to introduce you to your partner in all aspects!

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general management

DI (FH) Daniel Schörgenhuber

chief executive officer

field account manager

Jaime Cusido Catedra

France, Spain, Portugal

Gabriella Kincses

France, Spain, Portugal

Walid Eissa

Area sales manager Middle East & Arabic Countries & North Africa

Werner Liedtke

area account manager southern Bavaria

Michael Holz

area account manager northern Bavaria

Dipl. Kfm. Hermann Bose

area account manager northern Germany

Ing. Josef Smutek

Czech and Slovakia

Edvard Flisar

area account manager former Yugoslavia

in-house account manager

Florian Geidl

inhouse-account manager (TL)

Klaus Strasser

inhouse-account manager

Basma Scharinger

inhouse-account manager

Stefan Watzinger

inhouse-account manager

Lisa Doblhofer

inhouse-account manager

after sales service / technical support

Aldin Sefer

spare-parts / techn. support

Diana Schwarzlmüller

After Sales Service

technical documentation

DI Richard Rauecker

head of technical documentation

Ing. Christian Eckerstorfer

technical documentation

Dr. Tanja Traxler

technical editor

graphics and marketing

DI Richard Rauecker

head of graphic design & marketing

Sabrina Steiner

graphic design & marketing

Mag. (FH) Anna Falkner (maternity leave)

graphic design & marketing


Tomislav Kuna

warehouse management

Peter Humer

deputy warehouse management

Impressions of the headquarter in Schlüßlberg